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Mediaware Infotech

From Business Planning to Client Billing
Total Business Automation for
Media Specialist Agencies
Efficiency by consolidation is the objective of a media specialist agency. This forms the basis for:
   * Business Planning
   * Annual Media Plans
   * Strategic Media Inputs
   * Implementation Plans
   * Media Selection Plan Gird
   * Media Buying Control Gird
   * Media Operations
   * Media Monitoring
   * Client Invoicing
   * Media Bills Settlement
   * Receivables & Payables
   * Inline Business Communications
   * Data Analytics Reporting
Besides, bringing down operating costs, Adintell can:
  * Increase data collaboration between client / media agency
     & media
  * Automate processes related to marketing functions
  * Integrate workflow & communication with your ad /
     media agency & other BTL vendors
  * Implement online authorization for marketing activities
  * Improve day-to-day control, cut error margins
Finally Adintell can help build your Private Knowledge Portal.
AdIntelle offers a set of IT enabled services & databases which help you automate your business from planning to billing - resulting in creation of your Private Knowledge Portal.
Plan Wisely. Consume Adintelligently.

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